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Old Corkscrew Golf Club


Old Corkscrew Golf Club

Old Corkscrew Golf Club

Jack Nicklaus Signature Design

Amid the paradise known as Southwest Florida, where golfers may choose from more golf courses per capita than most places in the world, Old Corkscrew has become legendary.

Perhaps it’s our 7,400 yard, Jack Nicklaus Signature Design course or being a certified Audubon International Silver Signature Sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in the boundless natural beauty of Old Corkscrew and see for yourself.

Jack Nicklaus Experience

With experience in developing more than 425 courses in over 45 countries and 40 states, Mr. Nicklaus has designed courses that are both enjoyable and challenging for players, regardless of playing level. Each project is approached with the Nicklaus design philosophy – one that produces timeless, premium golf courses across the world.

Each Nicklaus – designed course is unique, however certain aspects are present in all of them. They are well-balanced with holes that vary in direction, look and feel, so that one type of golfer isn’t favored over another. A believer that golf is a game of precision over power, Nicklaus Design creates courses that reward strategic, intelligent thinking as much as fine ball striking. Another priority is to design holes that enable golfers to make precise decisions in club selection and execution of each shot.

Golf Shop

Old Corkscrew Golf Club prides itself on its world-class selection of brand name golf apparel, golf accessories and golf gifts for all golfers. Premier merchandise brands include Titleist, Donald Ross, FootJoy, Peter Millar and more.

Our helpful and courteous staff will gladly assist you in making tee times, renting equipment, membership information and with any other golf needs you may have.

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Course Tour

Front Nine

Hole #1

Long hitters may challenge carrying the right side fairway bunker, leaving a short iron or wedge from an ideal approach angle. Others will do well with a tee shot placed down the left side, just short of the rough and cart path.

Hole #2

The first of our awesome set of Par 3s. Club selection is all-important here. Take the wind direction and strength into consideration.

Hole #3

Reachable in two for the longer hitters, with a tee shot to the right and past the fairway bunker. Others will be smart to place a tee shot just short of the fairway bunker, followed by lay-up just short of the hazard protecting the green for a short iron approach.

Hole #4

A true risk and reward design. It’s possible to drive the green here, so check out your tee yardage to carry the bunker while avoiding the hazard left. Birdie can also be made with a well-placed tee shot just short of the bunker extending into the fairway from the left.

Hole #5

It’s all length here! Hit hard, but watch out for the hazard left and bunker right.

Hole #6

Accuracy off the tee is all-important here. The bunker on the left can be carried by most, which sets up a nice angle into the green on the approach.

Hole #7

Don’t let the nautral beauty of this hole distract you from your work here. The smart play is for the middle of the green for an excellent two-putt par in any direction.

Hole #8

A three-shot Par 5, except for onlyt he longest off the tee. Play it that way with a second shot lay-up just short of the fronting hazard, or to the right farther up the fairway. Both will leave short iron or wedge approaches.

Hole #9

The farther up the righth side of the fairway here, the better. Avoid the fairway bunker up on the left. Proper club selection on the approach is paramount for a good chance at the par.

Back Nine

Hole #10

Welcome to the back nine! Accuracy off the tee again is all-important here, ideally just left of the bunkers. Check out your tee yardage to the start of the rough and trees farther up on the left side.

Hole #11

Longer hitters can reach this green in two with a well-struck tee shot placed down the left side while avoiding the water hazard. Others will do well to lay up just short of the corner fairway bunker, setting up a short iron or wedge approach.

Hole #12

Another beautiful eye-catching Par 3. Don’t be short!

Hole #13

Accuracy is paramount over distance here. Keep it in the fairway and you’ll have a nice birdie opportunity. Long on the approach is trouble.

Hole #14

Bite off as much as you dare over the large bunker down the right side for a shorter play into this elevated green. Straight down the middle is always good, but check your tee yardage through the fairway.

Hole #15

Reachable in two by only the longest with a well-struck tee shot carrying the left side hazard and then drawing into the middle of the fairway. Others will do well down the middle with their first two shots, leaving a nice short iron or wedge on the third shot approach.

Hole #16

Accuracy over distance here. Avoid all the bunkerse and you’ll have a nice iron or wedge into this well-guarded green.

Hole #17

The last of our great set of Par 3’s here at Old Corkscrew. Club selection is, again, paramount.

Hole #18

Both distance and accuracy off the tee are required on this tight and lengthy finishing hole. Proper club selection on the approach is well-rewarded; improper selections find trouble into this well-guarded green.

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